Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Another year

As I approach the end of another year my mind goes through the events of said year. The good Lord has truly blessed me once again. My family and I enjoyed good health, we had a great summer vacationing, we had lots of work and other activities to keep us busy, of this I'm truly thankful. Yet my mind still drifts back to some of the events of this year that have me concerned. I worry about what kind of world, country, and province my kids will grow up in. I sit back while watching the political landscape and I truly worry that my kids will grow up in a different country that I did. I worry that they won't have the same freedoms that we have. I see the leaders of our province, country, and even the courts attack the fundamental freedoms, and attacking the processes of good governance  that this countries values and freedoms are based on all in the name of "progressivism", a term I have grown to hate. There is nothing progressive about taking away freedoms, there is nothing progressive about forcing one particular worldview on and entire society.
 Has honesty and integrity fully disappeared from our leaders? What ever happened to going into public service to serve? The way I see it the best way to serve your neighbours and community as a member of government is to be honest, respect peoples rights, fight for them! Unfortunately it seems like too many see it as an opportunity to push forward their own private agenda, they seem to see as it as an opportunity to line up at the perverbial trough. It also seems like those who are in government, including the judiciary, have forgotten what is right, it's like their moral compasses are broken and they can't even understand what fundamental rights and wrongs are anymore. This is why I worry about what kind of world my kids will grow up in. We have become a society based on the love of self, we have forgotten that responsiblity starts with ourselves but extends to helping others. I only hope that others will step up, others will speak up, others will stand up and speak the truth, show respect by doing what's right, by doing what's honourable by serving to make our communities better. I for one will and I hope that in the coming year we see a shift back to whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is admirable, for the sake of our children and the good of our society.