Saturday, 12 January 2013

Dear Premier Redford

In response to MLA Kent Hehr writing a letter to Premier Redford in the Calgary Herald His letter here, I've written a retort letter myself

Dear Alison Redford

I write this letter to you as a fellow Albertan.  Although I thought we were on the same side I question that lately.  That being said I have great respect for the office and duties you have.  Times are tough right now and although not all of its your fault, some of it clearly is.

Take our financial woes.  We as Albertans have a revenue stream generating  around 40 billion dollars per year,  yet since you have stepped into office the spending has continually been increased on unnecessary  programs and frills.  Our Taxes are low because we have a great revenue stream with our resources  of which you in the last budget grossly overestimated at the behest of all opposition parties.  The Flat tax is something that Albertans support along with our low corporate taxes and no sales tax. Maybe we were wrong in continuing to lower resource revenue down from the 30% it was and maybe that could come up to equal the other provinces around us but at what cost? We could also tax everyone the heavier and the government could have all the money it needs to build and spend on anything we want , once again at what cost?

Admittedly,  Alberta is now in a bind. We could start taxing Albertans like we lived in B.C. and pull in another  11 billion dollars and by doing so move farther to the left and lose the Alberta advantage. Or what could be done is a good hard look at the books  and start cutting unused, unnecessary and elective programs. In conjunction with raising the resource revenue to stay in line with the other provinces while maintaining low and even tax rates we can hold the Alberta advantage to build schools, hospitals, pave roads and reduce hospital wait times ( although changing some administrative issues could clear some of that up as well)  and then we can also save some money for the future of our children without burdening them with debt.

During the election you ran "as not your father's PC party" separating yourself from the legacy that Ralph Klein left us. Although I realize that you are not Ralph, I hope that you could show Albertans that you respect the wonderful legacy that he left us by building this awesome province into the booming economic powerhouse it is and by doing so not disrespect the sacrifices that all went through in order to get here.

This, now is your opportunity to show real-life leadership and cut programs that aren't needed that we enjoyed in good times but can do without as the fiscal belt tightens. We as Albertans do not want more taxes and as one would cut in areas in their own homes when things get tight, so we also can do so provincially but it takes a leader to see and recognize that.  

Ms. Redford you once stated you were going to review all revenue streams to see if they were sustainable. Please do that, please listen to Albertans  who might have great ideas where to save money.  Please listen to opposition parties ideas even if they annoy you.  Alberta is not over due for a tax increase, we are overdue for responsible spending something that hasn't been done since the latter part of the Klein years. And if you chose to do whats right and cut unnecessary programs and people scream bloody murder , you can kindly remind them that somethings in life are privileges and not everything can be funded although we would love to if possible. 

I do know you have a difficult task ahead. That being said please do the right thing and do what is best for This wonderful province and maintain that Alberta advantage that we love!  Be a leader don't govern like Lougheed or Klein,  govern like Allison Redford and create your legacy by doing what the people of this province want and need.

Kindest regards

Russell Bosch

Russell Bosch is just a regular Albertan